Noriko Herron

Born in Kobe, I was trained at an early age by my mother, a professional in the art of Japanese tea ceremony.  Reflecting her passion, yet seeking my own forms of expression, I quickly turned my focus to the West and to fashion.  I began my career in a large apparel design company, but found myself living in Italy by my late twenties studying language, culture, and the European arts.  My life transitioned further when I married my husband, then a budding American entrepreneur living in Tokyo.  From there, I refined my search for a form of artistic expression.  From 2008, I began producing original chandeliers, built with antique glass parts and hand-formed wire frames.  I expanded my work to art boards of plaster and glass.  And, from 2012, I began producing glass jewelry.  Today, I find myself reaching back to my training in apparel and both Eastern and Western arts to explore the artistic expressions only possible with glass.



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